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Software Development

We build full-stack applications that run everywhere.

Legacy Rescue

Got old software built on Microsoft stack? We'll keep it going longer.

Project firefighting

We step in to save projects that went off-track.

Information Security

We advise you on how to keep your customer's information secure.

Technical Strategy

Each application we build is at once a mobile application, a web application and a desktop application (Windows, Mac and Linux), and it shares much of its code with the server-side services we build to provide computation and storage, all using a single programming language and platform, the DartTM language, developed by Google.

Our in-house built server-side framework for the Dart language coupled with the FlutterTM framework, by Google, to build universal client apps enables us use Dart as a single, full-stack language, to build everything.

Here's a table comparing our old options to our new, Dart-based approach:

Typical traditional approach* Dart as a universal language
Backend Server C#, VB.Net, Java, Python

Dart with Dartaculous

Web application client JavaScript / TypeScript / WebAssembly + HTML + CSS + jQuery / Angular / ReactJS / Vue /...

Dart with Flutter

Desktop Application Windows Forms / WPF / UWP / Xamarin Forms (Windows)
ObjectiveC / Swift (MacOS)
GTK / GTK# / QT / ... (Linux)
Mobile Application Native (Swift, Android [Java/Kotlin]) / Xamarin / React Native / Ionic / ...

Which do you think is more reliable and which will cost less to build, maintain and expand?

* As we have decades of experience with the .Net framework and SPA frameworks, we also develop and maintain applications the old fashioned, complex way, when you, the customer, needs it that way.

Check-out our Dart framework!