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You invent the business. We develop the software for you.

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Our Services

Software Development

We build full-stack applications that run everywhere.

Legacy Rescue

Got old software built on Microsoft stack? We'll keep it going longer.

Project firefighting

We step in to save projects that went off-track.

Information Security

We advise you on how to keep your customer's information secure.

Technical Strategy

We specialize in developing line-of-business applications that are at once mobile application, web applications and a desktop applications (Windows, Mac and Linux), all on a single easily maintainable code-base.

We designed our in-house dartaculous framework around the need to develop business oriented apps as efficiently as possible, including offline capability.

While we adapt the technical stack to your needs, our go-to option is the Flutter framework for building apps that run everywhere and the Go language for building highly scalable and easily maintainable backend services.

Here's why we ❤️ Flutter:

Other tools* Flutter
Web application client JavaScript / TypeScript / WebAssembly + HTML + CSS + jQuery / Angular / ReactJS / Vue /...

Dart with Flutter

Desktop Application Windows Forms / WPF / UWP / Xamarin Forms (Windows)
ObjectiveC / Swift (MacOS)
GTK / GTK# / QT / ... (Linux)
Mobile Application Native (Swift, Android [Java/Kotlin]) / Xamarin / React Native / Ionic / ...

Which do you think is more reliable and which will cost less to build, maintain and expand?

* As we have decades of experience with the dotnet framework and SPA frameworks, we also develop and maintain applications the old fashioned, complex way, when you, the customer, needs it that way.